We aim to evolve continuously for the satisfaction of our customers.

Since its foundation in 1940, Unix has consistently sought to maintain a position at the forefront of the textile business with a focus on proprietary technology and special expertise in the field of non-woven fabrics. It is our earnest wish to be able to meet every request of our customers. To this end we keep a careful watch on current trends so that we can ready ourselves to respond promptly and flexibly. This explains why our business domain has changed significantly from what it was 70 years ago when the company was first established.

Our technology is based on the three fields: filters, nonwoven fabric, and resin coatings. The company has developed from a purely manufacturing business to a basic technology development company. I believe that we are the only company in this field in Japan that is involved in application development, technology development, product development, as well as the facility development required to manufacture products.

We are evolving constantly to provide true satisfaction to our customers. Each of our employees strives to understand people’s perspectives in a wide range of fields, looking for ways to meet their hopes and aspirations. We will continue to seek out new challenges for the near and distant future, in order to fulfill our social responsibility as a company.

President & CEO Hiroki Yamagishi